Best days of your life?: The 30 top memories from school


ONE in two British adults believes their school years were ‘the best days of their lives’.

The survey delved into the life experiences of 2,000 adults to reveal the nation’s 30 most vivid school memories.

Topping the list were school assemblies and competing in the annual sports day.

While the third biggest memory was the annual school photo in clean, pristine uniforms, followed by the buzz of excitement when a teacher would wheel the television into the classroom.

Rounders matches and playground games of hopscotch, conkers and leapfrog were also included in the top 30 strongest school memories for the British public.

The research, which was commissioned by Sainsbury’s, also saw playing the recorder, scribbling in exercise books with graph paper and being a part of the annual nativity among the list of 30 nostalgic school memories.

The survey went on to reveal that, alongside memories, one in four (25 per cent ) adults showed their sentimental side by still owning an item from their school days.

Ties were the most popular keepsake – especially for the over 45’s, of which 80 per cent still cherished theirs – followed by a school shirt, signed during the last day of term rituals.

John Carolan, Head of Buying for Tu childrenswear at Sainsbury’s, said: ‘It’s great to see that memories made at school last a lifetime and are looked back at fondly.

School is such an important time for parents and children alike; it is the beginning of a new journey for children and prompts parents to recollect life changing memories from their past.

‘As always, Sainsbury’s is here to make parents’ lives easier and help them plan ahead  – which is why we so extensively test our back to school range to make sure it stands the test of time throughout the school year and beyond, if the amount of cherished signed school shirts is anything to go by!’

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  1. Assembly
  2. Sports days
  3. School photos
  4. Teacher wheeling in the TV
  5. Playing with conkers
  6. Playing rounders
  7. Singing hymns
  8. Playing the recorder
  9. Checked graph paper books for maths
  10. The annual nativity play
  11. Buying stationery at the beginning of the year
  12. Making daisy chains
  13. Packed lunches
  14. Writing your name and the date at the top every page, underlining with a ruler
  15. Playing ‘it’
  16. Playing hopscotch
  17. Having a peg with your name on it
  18. Playing kiss chase
  19. Making lifelong friends
  20. Playing cat’s cradle
  21. Playing leap frog
  22. Handstands in the playground
  23. Swapping football stickers
  24. Standing against the wall when naughty
  25. Having a cool/new lunchbox
  26. Doing dance routines
  27. Polishing your school shoes
  28. Being allowed to ring the bell at playtime
  29. Putting out your uniform the evening before
  30. Fancy dress days




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