Calne man banned from owning animals after leaving dog to suffer with ‘horror’ tumour


A 54-YEAR-OLD man from Calne has been handed a five-year ban from owning animals after leaving his West Highland Terrier to suffer with a tumour described as ‘something out of a horror film’ by an RSPCA inspector.

Kenneth Mackenzie, of Newcroft Close, was sentenced on Monday at Swindon Magistrateshaving previously pleaded guilty on 14 December last year to causing unnecessary suffering to nine-year-old male terrier, Max.

During their investigation, the RSPCA found Max to be suffering from extreme neglect, with a large, untreated tumour on his right ear.

Max was immediately taken into the possession of the police and put into the care of the RSPCA.

The defendant had been struggling with difficult personal circumstances whilst looking after the dog but admitted in an interview that every morning when he came down he hoped that the dog had died peacefully and that it was a relief that the dog was now out of the house. He also admitted that he knew the dog was in pain, however Max was never taken to see a vet for the treatment he desperately required.

RSPCA inspector Miranda Albinson who investigated the case said: “I found Max in the corner of a room in the defendant’s house in a terrible state.

“Not only was his tumour gruesome and shocking – it was like something out of a horror film – but the poor boy was dirty and emaciated and I have rarely seen a more depressed dog in all of my time at the RSPCA.

“He barely even had the enthusiasm to respond to me and that just goes to show exactly how much pain he must have been in – it was just a very sad case and I dread to think of how much he must have suffered.


“We are pleased with the result at Swindon Magistrates’ Court yesterday and are glad that the Magistrates took this heartbreaking and inexcusable case of neglect so seriously.

“Since then, Max has been successfully treated, his tumour has been removed, and it’s like he’s got a new lease of life – he’s a different dog now.

“He’s improving daily and the difference in his behaviour is just remarkable. He also has been lucky enough to find a loving new home already and I’m truly over the moon that a dog as sweet as Max can now put this experience behind him. He has a much happier future ahead.”

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