Calne mum lifts lid on shocking domestic abuse: “He kept punching me like he was in a boxing match”


A CALNE woman who suffered a terrible beating at the hands of her partner believes she could have avoided the horrific attack had she known about Clare’s Law.

The legislation, established in 2014, allows anyone to request information about their partner’s past, or that of a person of concern to them.

Patsy Jacobs, 36, had been drinking at her Calne home with Nathaniel Dimond on January 26 of this year when she was subjected to the vicious unprovoked assault in front of her teenage daughter.

The culprit floored the mum of two with punches to the head and then rained blows on to her prone body.

When 15-year-old Caity pleaded with Dimond to stop he told her she would get the same treatment if she didn’t go away.

Dimond was jailed for five and a half years, and now Patsy is urging anyone worried about their partner’s history of violence to take advantage of Clare’s Law.

She said: “I want to speak out basically because I found out he had a history of domestic violence abuse, seven incidents, which I would have known if I’d heard of Clare’s Law.

“It was after the attack I found about Clare’s Law, a police officer said ‘do you know about his history?’, I said no and she told me about Clare’s Law.

“We’d been together on and off for about a year.

“He’d held me down once before but most of it was him trying to blackmail.

“I said to him I don’t want to be with you and he said he would kill himself.

“Since the attack I haven’t been able to do my job working as a waitress and barmaid at The Black Horse in Cherhill.

(Picture by Siobhan Boyle)
(Picture by Siobhan Boyle)

“I couldn’t go back for four weeks because I suffered from double vision. People knew that something happened but I wasn’t able to tell them what it was.

“I’m currently off sick because I kept having panic attacks.

“I used to be able to do my make-up in five minutes but now I feel like I have to cover it up again because I had surgery and had to have titanium put in.

“My left eye-socket was broken and he tore the muscle away which means the feelings gone and that’s not going to come back and my nose was broken as well.

“He was stressed out so I sent him out to get some cigarettes and hoped that would calm him down when he came back.

“He got back and had my phone and said there were messages from other guys on it and he shoved the phone in his pocket.

“I couldn’t believe he punched me and he kept punching me like he was in a boxing match. My daughter came into the room and said ‘what have you done to my mum’s face?’ and he stopped then, started crying and said he was really sorry.

“If Caity didn’t come in I think he would have carried on. I didn’t have any recollection of time, I probably lost conciseness but I remember the paramedics came but I couldn’t place the voices.

“I was embarrassed, I felt like I was causing them to be here and felt like I was being a pain.

“It was a week or two later that I find out about his previous domestic abuse. I was angry, why has he never been held responsible, why have the charges always been dropped.

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“I want to let people know. I’ve had plenty of support, lots of his ex-partners got in touch and the whole Calne area grouped together to get vouchers and a small collection.

“People have seen me walking around with my face the way it is looking and are expecting me to stay in and hide but I’m not doing that. I couldn’t see one of my daughters for a week but because it was my birthday the following week I knew I had to.

“The whole of my eyes were red because they were bloodshot and she was scared to come to me but I knew that I had to see her, I couldn’t keep her away the whole time.

“During the trial he was trying to make out that he had bipolar and when they brought up the other incidents from the past he said he didn’t remember them.

“He got sent out of court by the judge because he was still trying to intimidate me and when he came back in he just kept staring at me.

“When he was sentenced it was really emotional but it also seemed weird as everything had happened in about six weeks.

“I think it’s really important to make people aware of Clare’s Law as even if it can make a difference to one person that’s what matters. It could have been worse for me I might not be here today and I really believe that.”

Wiltshire Police’s Head of Public Protection, Detective Superintendent Craig Holden believes Clare’s Law protects those most susceptible to domestic abuse – and not just in its physical form.

He said: “Wiltshire Police is committed to supporting victims and targeting the perpetrators of domestic abuse, which can take many different forms.

“This can include physical, sexual, financial, emotional and psychological abuse. It is therefore important that victims know what is and isn’t acceptable and that they have somewhere to turn to when they think their partner may be acting in a way that causes concern.

“Clare’s Law is ultimately about protecting those most susceptible to domestic abuse – whether it is happening now or in the future. We continue to work hard to encourage people to use the scheme, and this is evidenced in our most recent figures.

“As well as the domestic violence disclosure scheme, we have specialist teams to work with victims of domestic abuse who understand the complex nature of this type of behaviour and can work closely with partner agencies to ensure the appropriate advice is provided. For more information on the DVDS scheme, contact Wiltshire Police Domestic Abuse Investigation Teams on 101. There is also the facility to leave information anonymously.”

For more information on Clare’s Law visit—Clares-Law/1400022792812/1400022792812.


  1. Should throw away the key as far as I’m concerned hallelujah that the law now protects females and males from domestic violence

  2. Poor patsy such a lovely lady, worked in black horse as a waitress with her and couldn’t meet a lovelier person. Absolutely appauled at this, can’t belive some peoples petty excuses..

  3. Such s*** I reached out to Wiltshire police after being beating by my ex. my face was a mess and they did nothing despite witnessing it first had when the came to my emergency call! He head butted on cctv from the shop below our home but still the police did nothing! I had to leave my job and move town! There is no support from said services! I was completely let down by the system and articles like this make my blood boil! Don’t claim you support victims when you really don’t at all!!!

  4. Patsy I do not no u but seen your story and my heart sunk it’s a freighting thing to deal with but your an amazing person for letting ppl no about Clare’s Law I’m happy that there is such a scheme so these monster can be found out before they pretend to be mr perfect but they can’t help but attack again, I was 18 wen I was in a violent relationship but was to frightened to say anythin about it to anyone and it carried on til I was 22yrs old and I was beaten badly and left seriously hurt unconscious in front of my 2children at time we’re both under age of 3, it made me feel I needed to hide away due to my injuries and scares but why should we feel like that, I hope you are well now and thanks for the information on Clare’s Law as I wouldn’t of known this even exists

  5. On nearly every internet comment section online, there’s always at least one man whinging on about how they hate women or feminists, as if they think they can tell women what to do, even if the subject is unrelated. It’s scary so many men are like that out there.

  6. You should rot in hell natty, I hope they get at you inside and you get a good going over. If you think for one moment that any of us will stand by you think again you evil bastard. I hope they get the other assaults you did against other woman you assaulted to stick and hope they send you back for life because as far as I’m concerned it was attempted murder, you always remembered when you gave a bloke a kicking so you knew what you were doing when you attacked Patsy and the other woman. You should never ever be released from prison.

  7. Absolutely disgraceful, I went to school with him and also know the victim. At school he was an absolute madman,always in fights and always had a temper.Wish Patsy never went near him and wish my words of knowledge about him got to her. Feel very sick and I hope he gets battered in Prison or left for dead.


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