Can you help unravel mystery of camera found in Wiltshire field?


WILTSHIRE Police are appealing for the owner of a camera, found by one of its officers, to come forward to reclaim it.

Detective Constable Louise Elliott was walking at Liddington Castle in November 2015 when she discovered the camera almost buried in a ploughed field.

Louise said: “I spotted it glinting in the sunlight, it was in a bit of a state, so I took it home and cleaned it up.  I managed to sort out the SD card and the photos on the card are as clear as day.

“There are selfies of a young lady, who could be the owner, there are holiday snaps and pictures of Keswick Avenue in Swindon and nearby Liddington Hill.

“Looking at the photo data, it appears the camera has possibly been in that field since 2013.

“I hope the rightful owner comes forward.

“If you recognise the person in the attached picture or know who the camera belongs to, please pop into Gablecross Police Station, Swindon, to identify and collect it.”

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