Devizes poet Gail Foster launches new book


THE mighty All Blacks, cars with flat batteries, the changing of the seasons, politics and fawning your baby have nothing in common except they’re all themes of poems by Devizes own Gail Foster, and I’m only scratching the surface.

The local poet who regularly features on Devizes gem of a radio station, Fantasy FM, reaches in for arbitrary muses, exposes feelings swishing around in her mind and throws them into a melting pot of wordplay where no man or beast is safe. Gritty, leftism and unconventional elegies, but often witty and comical, Gail’s words express current thoughts with passion.

Local themes dominate her poems, tales of Devizes, other surrounding towns and the bizarre characters that dwell there. But Gail branches out and subjects flood in on all manner of topics. Best thing about these snippets and satires of modern life is that Gail has collated them all into a new book; The Curious Poet.

The year’s worth of words is available from the wonderful Devizes Books, which takes an encouraging and supportive view of local authors. I suggest you check it out, A; if you like poetry, B; if, like me, poems are something that drift through your life without too much dedication but appreciation nonetheless. It makes an interesting read.

Sweet but sour, stalking environmental issues or social networking qualms, Gail takes no prisoners whatever the theme. In particular denigrations of politicians or officials both locally and further afield, get the sharp end of Gail’s pen.

There’s excoriating or moral prose and muses with piercing observations; adult themes of sexual quirks and odes to lost loves, friends and inspirational luminaries from Howard Marks and Bowie; it’s all packed in.

There are proses and short stories here too; I particularly liked the cry-wolf fable of a destitute youth dealing with the consequences of defrauding to feed her addiction. The bleeding heart of the artist is prominent. However, the wittiest poems are usually the most entertaining. Gail’s outpourings are worthy of your attention and her repartee is highly recommended.

The Curious Poet by Gail Foster is available through Devizes Books and Amazon.

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