Eye in the Sky: Stunning aerial footage as Gulf War memorial is unveiled


OUR very own Eye in the Sky, Simon Folkard, ventured beyond the county at the weekend to capture a very special unveiling.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the end of the Gulf War, a memorial has been dedicated at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire in honour of the 47 British personnel who died in the liberation of Kuwait and all those who fought in the conflict.

The memorial has three pillars, representing each of Britain’s three Armed Forces, and its centre stone carries the image of the reverse of the Gulf Medal engraved in black granite. Each of the 47 pavers on the memorial, which are laid out in concentric circles, carries the name of one of the fallen.

Beneath the centre stone, there are 48 poppies from the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall in 2015, one poppy for each of the “47 fallen” and one solitary poppy for all of the veterans who have passed away since the Gulf War.

The memorial, which is aligned on a compass bearing of 302o from true north – the compass bearing from Kuwait to the Arboretum – carries an inscription in English, Latin and Arabic. The inscription reads: “In memory of the 47 fallen comrades, and to all those who fought in Operation Granby (1990-91) The Liberation of Kuwait, those who have subsequently passed away and also those that continued to fight their own battles, long after the guns fell silent. Lest we Forget”.

Regular Index contributor Simon, who runs Devizes-based aerial photography business AAIR, was on hand to capture the spectacular and poignant ceremony.

He said: “We were truly honoured to be asked to film this event.”

You can view more of Simon’s work at www.aair.biz.



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