Firm hopes paid gym time will mean fighting-fit staff

Karl Paul and Robert Curtis of Smarter Media

SWINDON’S Smarter Media have announced they will be putting the promotion of a healthy body and healthy mind within the workplace as a priority for their hard-working employees.

It’s not just customers who are important; employees are too and this new move will address this, believes the firm, with a healthy work force creating a healthy business mentality.

Last month, Smarter Media introduced paid work time in the gym so that staff can work towards keeping fit and healthy.

Almost immediately, staff began to make use of this great opportunity and took part in fitness classes, such as boxing circuit sessions, which helped to relieve any stress or tension before they headed back to their desks, as well as keep them fit.

MD Karl Paul said: “This is a great initiative focussed on the well-being of our staff. We recognise just how important it is, for them and for us, that our employees are feeling fit, healthy and well.

“This is something we are invested in, and we are looking forward to seeing all the ways that this can develop.”

Workplace health promotion is particularly crucial to business success. As the World Health Organisation notes, paying attention to the well-being of workers can help to:

– Improve staff morale
– Reduce staff turnover
– Reduce absenteeism
– Increase productivity
– Reduce health care/sick leave costs
– Demonstrate corporate responsibility

For the employee, it can also help to:

– Enhance self-esteem
– Reduce stress
– Improve morale
– Increase job satisfaction
– Improve sense of health and well-being
– Help them raise healthy families
– Reduce their risk of illness and disease

More on the details from the WHO here.

These are significant benefits, which Smarter Media is hoping to see within their own workplace. As a research study by Optum found, 84% of those surveyed believed workplace wellness programmes demonstrate that an employer cares about its employees; as a result, they claimed this would increase productivity.

Additionally, 82% said they worked at companies which offered such initiatives and it encouraged them to continue working for the business. Meanwhile, 6 out of 10 people claimed they had lost weight and quit smoking as a result of a workplace health programme.

You can view the details of the Optum study here.

Smarter Media will be keeping track of the goals set by its staff to monitor for similar results, and is looking forward to seeing the effects of putting their health and well-being first and foremost.

More about Smarter Media here:



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