Game of Thrones: Six big questions ahead of season six (and one very special offer)


THE world’s biggest TV show returns to our screens this month for more bloody battles and betrayals in the fight for the Iron Throne. We look ahead to the highly-anticipated season six, which will begin in the UK exclusively on Sky Atlantic on April 25.

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1/ Will anyone be safe from Cersei the vengeful?

Where to begin? The Queen of Mean got her comeuppance at the end of season 5 when she was shorn of her golden Lannister locks and made to walk naked through the mean streets of King’s Landing while the common man pelted her with abuse – and much worse. We’ve all been there.

To add insult to injury she’s yet to discover that daughter Myrcella is dead. That’s two of her three children killed by poisoning. Social services will be all over her.

On the plus side she now has a new eight-foot tall, 30-stone zombie bodyguard called Robert Strong to help her wreak horrible vengeance. He looks a little pale but conveniently fits nicely into The Mountain’s old armour. God(s) rest his soul.


2/ Will Ayra ever see again?

She’s had a rough life has young Ayra. Graphically orphaned and geographically stranded, the youngest Stark daughter is fending for herself in a foreign land. And now she’s blind. A frankly unfair punishment for sticking a thousand holes in the vile Meryn Trant.

Has she lost her vision permanently? Or is this all part of her training under the tutelage of the Many Faced God, to further heighten the little assassin’s other senses? Hopefully the latter. She deserves a break.

A season of blindness is also a good chance to recycle the milky white contact lenses used by old Aemon Targaryen prior to his death. It pays to be thrifty – there are a couple of epic battles to spend that GoT production budget on this season…

GOTDANY3/ Will Daenerys ever reach Westeros? 

Daenerys Targaryen, what are we going to do with you? Every time our Khaleesi seems to inch closer to conquering the shores of Westeros she ends up taking ten steps (or a piggyback from a dragon) in the wrong direction.

Good news: Her favourite pet fire-breather rescued her from the rioting as the queen lost control of Meereen. Bad news: Drogon dropped her off in the middle of a pack of 10,000 Dothraki with whom Dany has a somewhat chequered past. Awkward.

It doesn’t look good, but never underestimate the Mother of Dragons. Her captors could become her army. She’s very persuasive.

GOTBRAN4/ What has Bran Stark been up to for the past two years?

It’s been a long time since we were graced by the presence of the crippled heir to Winterfell. Last seen at the end of season four being told by a talking tree “you will never walk again. But you will fly,” Bran is set to emerge from his training base – in spirit at least.

The talking tree, of course, was the Three-Eyed Raven, now taking the fully human form of the brilliant Max Von Sydow.

And this is a very different Brandon Stark; deeper of voice and seemingly a foot taller. He’s even managed to find a decent barber in the frozen wasteland north of The Wall. Presumably he’s also honed his warging and greenseeing powers, so expect lots of out-of-body experiences, flashbacks and visions of the future under the guidance of Von Sydow. A bit like Scrooge’s adventures with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Future and Yet to Come. With more blood.


5/ Where are Theon and Sansa heading after their great escape?

What will become of this unlikely duo after their daring leap from the walls of Winterfell? With any luck Brienne will find them because they will need all the protection they can get once that little tinker Ramsey Bolton tries to reclaim his two favourite play things.

For Sansa this could be the year she finally rises from downtrodden victim to a position of power. For Theon, he should just count himself lucky he no longer has to sleep in a kennel.

We are also set to see more of his extended family this season. The Greyjoys have some strange ways, as book readers will testify, but expect big things of, Pilou Asbæk as Euron Crow’s Eye.


6/ Is he dead?

The biggest question of them all. Jon Snow, left looking decidedly deceased in a puddle of blood, gang-stabbed by a gaggle of turncoat Crows. But he’s the show’s poster-boy. Surely even Game of Thrones couldn’t kill off one of its ‘big three’?

According to every member of the cast currently doing the publicity rounds he’s definitely dead. But there is no way we’ve seen the last of the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. We are expected to learn more about Jon’s true parentage this season – it would be rather curious storytelling if he didn’t still have a major part to play.

He may come back in a different guise, but he’ll be back. Get to work, Melisandre.

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