‘Honestly officer, I’ve only had a pint…’


A DRIVER near Purton took drink driving to new levels last night – when police pulled his car over and found a pint in the vehicle’s beverage holder.

Officers spotted a car hitting a kerb, followed it to observe the standard of the driving, before pulling him over at Flaxlands.

Upon inspecting the car police were stunned to find the nearly-finished pint, along with evidence of cannabis use.

A police spokesperson said: “After following it out of Purton, past Greenhill and into Greatfields we observed the car run along the grass verge a few times and veer across onto the other carriageway – nothing else was coming.

“The vehicle was stopped at Flaxlands and the driver admitted having ‘a pint earlier’ when we looked into the car and saw the glass with alcohol in it, a child’s car seat and evidence of cannabis use the driver was breathalysed and blew 80mg at the roadside.”

The 26-year-old local male was arrested and taken to Gablecross police station.





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