Jailed: Attacker who tried to set fire to homeless man


A MAN has been jailed after he tried to set fire to a homeless man’s sleeping bag in a Wiltshire car park.

Trevor John, 46, of Eland Road, Croydon, was jailed by Salisbury magistrates after being arrested on Saturday.

On 30 January there was an argument between John and a man aged in his 30s in the Maltings Car Park, Salisbury.

John then attempted to set fire to the man’s sleeping bag before punching him to the head several times.

John was later arrested and charged with causing actual bodily harm.

He pleaded guilty in court and was sentenced to 18 weeks, plus a further 10 weeks for breach of a non-molestation order when he was found at an address he was not permitted to be at.

Inspector Pete Sparrow said: “John’s actions were completely unacceptable – after attempting to set fire to a man’s sleeping bag, he then punched him several times causing minor injuries which required hospital treatment.

“Behaviour of this nature will not be tolerated in our city and I am satisfied that he has been given a custodial sentence which will hopefully give him time to reflect on his actions.”



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