Jeremy Corbyn hears of NHS ‘winter crisis’ concerns during Swindon visit

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour's Sarah Church, second right, listen to NHS workers' concerns in Swindon today. Picture: @SWLabourParty

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn heard from NHS staff when he visited Swindon today about acutely ill patients having to wait in corridors and the struggle nurses have to manage financially.

Nurses raised concerns about patients having to wait hours on trolleys in corridors for hospital beds at the Great Western Hospital as the NHS faces what many have called a winter crisis.

Mr Corbyn heard that while nurses give their all in caring they have to pay to park at the GWH, they find day-to-day living costs are continually rising and some are even driven to using food banks.

He spoke to mental health workers, auxiliary staff, ambulance workers and others during his visit today.

Some said they want to see health and social care linked so that the NHS can provide more integrated care.

Mr Corbyn said that Labour wanted to bring back nursing bursaries and said the NHS needed to remain paid for by the public, run by the public for the public.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn listens to concerns at Park South today. Picture: @LabSouthSwindon



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