Luxurious Touran has so much in the tank


ONE of the least thirsty cars around is the Volkswagen Touran, the car which is great for families, people who have travel a bit or for anyone who likes a bit of luxury.

It will do at least 60 miles to the gallon even if you push it around a bit and the 58 litre tank will give you 600 miles between visits to the petrol station.

Now that’s encouraging motoring. More than enough for that long journey or enough for the average driver to fill up about every three weeks.

It was first launched in 2003 and since then the Touran has been a strong seller in the mid-size MPV sector and the latest version, with revised styling and extra equipment, has become one of the stars of the sector.

In those 13 years it has sold almost two million with more than 100,000 in the UK.

Prices begin from around £22,000 but VW are a bit mean with the kit they dish out with their entry level models.

So most buyers go for the mid-range SE models which are extremely well equipped. And the lovely thing about VW is that all the knobs and things are in the right place and always work.

And as well as being good on the economic front the Touran is great at the top end of the speedo. Just count the number of Tourans which wiz past you on the motorways.

I was probably one of them on my long journey – 300 miles of comfort driving.

The latest and somewhat larger models have sharper styling and a new dashboard which is better than the old one.

Would you believe it but there are almost 50 cubby or pocket stowage places? And there are easy to operate flat-fold seats for various load levels and decent space for five occupants.

There are two extra pull-up seats at the back but they are just for children.

All seats fold individually and the maximum loadspace with all seats down is 1,857 litres.

There are various petrol and diesel engines, and a standard six speed manual box or the excellent seven speed DSG auto gearbox.

I tried the standard manual gearbox version with its outstanding 1.6 litre turbo charged diesel engine. In SE Family trim, it is at the top end of the price range, laden with kit and costing £26,600.

This engine is exceptionally smooth, quiet and economical with excellent power delivery, good mid-range punch and very impressive fuel economy.

The top speed for this model is more than 115mph and the 0-60mph time is below 12 seconds.

Another good thing about the Touran is that it is pleasant to drive, doesn’t feel too big, steers well and has light handling and is a comfortable ride.

The standard kit on the SE Family test version is extensive and includes extra-large panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise control, an enhanced sat-nav system with 6.5 inch touch screen, and a pre-crash preventative occupant protection.

The price starts at £22,240 and goes through to £30,000 plus.



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