No Surprises Living In Devizes: Breakthrough for food bank

The old x-ray room at Devizes Hospital will house the town's food bank

I CAN’T believe the amount of ground we’ve covered within this humble weekly column. When looking back in order to put the book together, (plug-plug) it became clear how important this adventure has been, in some instances!

Yeah we’ve had a good few rants and they’ve amused or enraged accordingly, but if you asked me if I have a favourite, one I’m particularly proud of, it was “Mashback,” the week where we outlined the great work of the Devizes Food Bank.

However it’s been a dubious few months for them; due to Gaiger’s site development the food bank had to find a new headquarters by Easter. With time running short, the backing of MP Claire Perry through councillors Richard Gamble and Simon Jacobs, its tremendous that new premises have been found.

The Devizes Food Bank will continue its benevolent efforts from the town’s old hospital x-ray rooms. Delighted co-ordinator Alan Beamish said it had parking and ample space for their needs.

Thanks to the Great Western Hospital Foundation they’ll be moving in the next couple of weeks, for a temporary time; “one or two years at least,” Alan tells me hopefully.

After that time the site will be sold to pay for a new urgent care centre in Marshall Road, which is fair play really eh?

Alan wanted to thank all the organisations involved as well as the councillors and Claire Perry.

In a week where purse-whipping thieves decided in their infinite stupidity to opt for the Heart Foundation charity shop to carry out their despicable deeds, we need a good charitable story. It makes me proud of people in our town to hear about the rallying round which has saved Devizes Food Bank.

Not least we should be grateful to all the volunteers who help there on a day-to-day basis; especially ones with special needs and disabilities themselves.

I asked Alan what else the food bank needs, the answer: volunteers and trustees to organise fund-raising events.

But if you cannot lend your time don’t forget you can still pop a tin or two in the boxes provided at the supermarkets; buy one, get one free, give one away I say!

So what a grand effort by all involved to ensure the Food Bank is safe once more to provide much-needed provisions to children and adults struggling in our area.

Now, I’m off down to the Rowdey Cow for the best ice cream this side of Rome, happy sunny Mother’s Day to all ye mums out there; int mums brilliant?!

Click here for more information about the food bank




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