Police target speeding and drink drivers before New Year


A CRACKDOWN on anti-social driving is taking place in Trowbridge tonight.

Police will be carrying out patrols in the Castle Mead area tonight in a bid to crack down on anti-social driving after reports of speeding.

PCSO Jay Greenland said: “We have previously carried out patrols in the area, but we have continued to receive some reports from the local councillors regarding issues with drivers, therefore we are carrying out patrols in a bid to raise awareness of the dangers of careless driving and speeding, educate drivers, and take the necessary action if any drivers are found to be breaking the law.

“These patrols will be carried out on the Friday night between Christmas and New Year so it is expected to be busy.

“We’ll also be targeting any drivers who think it is acceptable to consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel, putting themselves, their passengers, other road users and pedestrians in great danger.”

Both officers and members of the special constabulary will take part in the patrols.

PCSO Greenland said: “I am hopeful that a heightened police presence in the area will encourage drivers to be more vigilant.

“Speeding is a significant factor in many collisions and fatalities on our roads.

“The speed limit is there for a reason and we will do all that we can to enforce it and keep our roads safe.”

Anyone wishing to report an incident on the roads should call police on 101, or 999 in an emergency.



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