Sadness as cats die from anti-freeze poisoning

Daniel Webb has spoken out after two cats died in Chippenham from suspected anti-freeze poisoning

TWO cats have died following what local vets believe is anti-freeze poisoning in Chippenham.

“We have recieved a report that two cats have fallen ill and subsequently died in the Hill Rise area of Chippenham and it is belived by vets that the cause of death was ingestion of food laced with anti-freeze,” Chippenham Police said on their Facebook page.

“It is unknown at this time if this was a deliberate act or if this was accidental. Please be mindful of any chemicals you have in your garden etc and be aware that targetting cats in this way is a criminal offence.

“Any suspicious activity should be reported on 101.”

Daniel Webb, the Liberal Democrats’ candidate for Hardenhuish ward in May 2017, pointed out that the Animal Welfare Act is in place to deal with those that kill or injure animals by lacing food with anti-freeze or other poisonous substances.

Pet owners who suspect that their animal has ingested anti-freeze must take them to a veterinary surgery immediately. The main symptoms of anti-freeze poisoning are vomiting, lethargy, lack of coordination and breathing difficulties.

Daniel said: “I am incredibly sad to hear that local vets believe two cats have died as a result of poisoning in the Hill Rise area of Chippenham.

“I am passionate about animals and wildlife and find it truly unreal that anyone would want to harm an innocent being.

“However cruel and unnecessary it may seem, some people do have grievances against pets or their owners for various reasons and it is possible that someone could kill or injure a pet as an act of revenge or to deal with their grievance.

“It is also possible that these cats died of accidental poisoning and I urge the community to do what they can to keep pets safe from anti-freeze. For example, cleaning up any spills immediately and disposing of anti-freeze safely.”

If you have any information regarding the death of these cats, contact Wiltshire Police on 101. If you need to report animal cruelty, please contact the RSPCA on their 24-hour cruelty line: 0300 1234 999 or visit



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