Stunning photos show Northern Lights above the UK 


WHILE they never managed to put in an appearance this far south, these stunning pictures show the Northern Lights in all their glory in the sky above the UK last week.

Photographer Peter Summers, 20, caught the natural wonder in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The vibrant lights were shining off the Scottish coast, on the outskirts of Lossiemouth, Moray, with their reflection in the North Sea.

The spectacular Aurora Borealis scenes were captured on camera from a spot near the town’s lighthouse and West Beach.

Peter said: “It’s pretty spectacular. The lights were very clear. You could see them all the way to town and there were quite a few curtains.

“I don’t think it was expected. I only really spotted it because the main road to Lossie was shut.

“It was a quiet night, but a few people were out looking.”




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