AS CONDITIONS on the road continue to deteriorate, Swindon-based Arval, has developed a short video to share its top 10 road safety tips with drivers.

A couple of years ago, the leading vehicle leasing and fleet management company pulled its safety tips into a credit card sized safety card and distributed thousands to drivers. This initiative continues to be extremely successful, but in order to make these safety messages even more accessible, Arval has updated the content to create an animation providing a quick and easy way to view this information.

The video has already had more than 600 views and is available to all on YouTube. You can watch it above.

Tracey Fuller, Customer Engagement Manager at Arval said: “It is crucial to positively influence and educate drivers using a range of methods and our video is a really accessible way of doing that.

“Poor driver behaviour has a big impact on the chances of being involved in a collision so it’s really important to regularly remind drivers of their responsibility and the things that they can do to reduce their road risk.

“We are delighted to have already received feedback that our customers are showing our video to their employee’s as part of their own road safety programmes.”

This is part of Arval’s ongoing commitment to road safety which includes a long-standing partnership with Brake, the road safety charity, which has spanned nearly a decade.

It was recently announced that Arval will be teaming up with Brake this year to deliver a series of training courses throughout the UK to help companies improve the safety of their drivers.

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