Vegan diets and herbal teas: The new breed of modern men


A STUDY into the changing lifestyle and health habits of 1,000 men aged 18-45, has uncovered a new breed of men unafraid to put health habits first in their quest for perfection.

The digital world is a huge motivator for following a clean-living lifestyle, with one in ten spurred on with the aim of looking good in selfies and on social media. This quest for perfection is so important that two-thirds of modern men state their health and physique is now a big priority in their life. As a consequence, 78 percent say that they are now far more conscious of their eating habits and the nutritional elements within food.

The pursuit of clean living is as important as ever for the modern man as now four in ten men include a superfood in at least one meal a day and a third try to eat mostly organic where possible. Many have even switched to vegetarian, vegan or other plant-based diets, with one in six now actively monitoring their protein intake.

The research, commissioned by PhD Nutrition to mark the launch of their new Protein Superfood range, found that taking more of a rounded approach to their health and wellbeing is key – one in four (26 per cent) now has a skincare routine and over a fifth (22 per cent) drink herbal tea.

What’s more, fear of the beer belly is encouraging many to swap the pint glass for dumbbells – though the average man has 11 alcoholic drinks per month, nearly half (48 per cent) have made an effort to reduce or omit their drinking, while one in two have put more time in at the gym in the last 12 months. In fact, the research shows that the average respondent packs in nearly 16 hours of exercise per month.

Yesterday, PhD Protein Superfood Nutritionist and boxing trainer Greg White said: “The results show that the modern man’s lifestyle is changing and the demand for clean living is only growing. Men are exploring different options and ways of taking care of themselves that weren’t open to them before – treating their body like an athlete is a big part of that.”

Nearly half of those polled agreed that public attitudes towards men’s bodies and diets are changing – perhaps that’s because a massive 82 per cent said having or aspiring to a good physique is important to them. 54 per cent said they’ve been made more aware of the benefits of taking a more rounded approach to health and fitness and three in ten say they use vitamins or supplements to boost their wellbeing.

Greg White added: “One question my clients ask me time and time again is how they can be sure that they are getting enough protein in their diet. The answer is simple – follow an eating plan rooted in clean, natural nutrition. Whether this is solely a plant-based diet or combination with meat, there are a number of natural ways they can get enough protein that will help them take their training regime to the next level.”

Launching Thursday 28 January, New PhD Protein Superfood is designed to support those men who are conscious about what they consume within a clean living lifestyle. This naturally sourced, plant based superfood and protein blend is gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegans. Formulated with protein from pea, hemp and brown rice, this cutting edge-protein blend is the perfect supplementation to assist with the growth and maintenance of muscle mass for those who seek great nutrition from natural ingredients.

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