Warning as burglars target the elderly in Corsham and Box


RESIDENTS in Corsham and Box have been told to remain vigilant after a spate of break-ins targeting homes of the elderly.

In one incident, a rear window was forced to gain entry to the house, which was occupied by the owner. Several items were stolen by the culprit.

On another occasion the resident was distracted by a male while his accomplice rifled through the upstairs of the home, stealing money and jewellery.

A Wilthire Police spokesperson said: “We have experienced a couple of burglaries in Corsham and Box, whereby elderly residents have been the victims.

“We would like to remind you all to remain vigilant, if you see anyone acting suspiciously, please call either 101 or 999 to report it immediately.

“If any vehicles are seen please try to note the car registration number and report this to the police immediately so officers can be tasked to the location.

“If you have elderly family, friends or neighbours please be mindful of this – offer any advice and support you can to remind them should they answer the door, to place their chain on before doing so, do not let anyone enter without prior arrangement and check identification. Also keep their home secure.

“If in doubt please call 101 the Neighbourhood Policing Team will be happy to offer advice.”

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