Warning of ice follows bank holiday

Beware of icy conditions on Tuesday morning, says the Met Office

A WARNING of ice has been issued by forecasters as commuters plan to return to work after the New Year.

The Met Office warning applies from 2am until 10am on Tuesday.

It applies to council areas including Wiltshire and Swindon.

The Met Office’s Frank Saunders said: “We are advising commuters to pay particular attention to the potential for ice and frost to affect journeys tomorrow morning.

“Although most gritted surfaces will stay ice-free, there is a particular for risk that pavements and untreated roads, especially minor ones, could be very slippery.

“A very cold night is in store for many, and as moister air comes in to contact with cold surfaces later, there is the potential for a lot of frost to form, rendering some surfaces hazardous.”

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Motorists should remember that if their car thermometer records a temperature of 4 degrees or lower, there is a good chance the road temperature is near or even below freezing, meaning a very real risk of ice and slippery roads.

“Keep listening to traffic reports before you start your trip and if conditions are bad, aim to stick to major routes which are much more likely to be gritted.”




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