Wiltshire Police ranked worst for solving burglaries


ONLY one in 12 Wiltshire burglaries are solved – the lowest success rate in the country.

Figures released by Churchill Home Insurance put our local bobbies at the bottom of the pile based on the most recent available data.

Wiltshire Police cracked 8.3 per cent of cases for the year ending March 2014 compared to a national average of 12.2 per cent of investigations ending in a charge, fine or caution.

The Welsh fared better in the criminal postcode lottery, with police in Dyfed-Powys bringing 28.7 per cent of burglars to justice.

On the plus side, Wiltshire does boast one of the lowest burglary rates in the country, according to the study.

The county ranks ninth lowest on the list with 5.2 people in every 1,000 burgled per year. Dyfed-Powys again tops the list with just 2.5 in every thousand. Devon and Cornwall scored lowest in England (3.9 per 1,000).

The highest burglary rates are in Humberside (10.8), West Yorkshire (10.8), South Yorkshire (10.4) and Greater Manchester (10.3).

Supt Adrian Burt, Wiltshire Police’s head of crime standards and justice, said: “Wiltshire is one of the safest counties in the country and these figures show that Wiltshire had the ninth lowest rate of burglary in 2014-15, with just 5.2 incidents reported per 1,000 people.

“It is also worth remembering that these figures are for both dwelling and non-dwelling burglaries, which includes business premises and outbuildings.

“When we look at the statistics for dwelling burglaries – ie homes – Wiltshire’s detection rate rises to 14.57 per cent.”

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